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Elliott and Sons Bison strive to educate our customers and provide the freshest product of bison to promote good health and happiness. Located in Sycamore, Illinois, Elliott Bison proudly supplies bison in the retail, commercial, and wholesale market. When purchasing bison, it's important to have the knowledge of the product. Our bison roam on pasture and are finished in grass. This is called grass-fed and finished, which naturally provides our customers with omega 3. Elliott and Sons Bison are processed and inspected at a USDA facility. It is our hope that we can provide the best product to the market and raise awareness of the health and overall benefits of eating bison.


Bison meat is lean and healthy. It has less calories then poultry, fish, or beef- less cholesterol, fat, and has more protein and iron. Grass-fed bison meat are filled with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Bison can be compared to beef for cooking, but taking a little longer can be rewarding. Learn how to properly prepare bison meat, the best cooking practices, safety tips, recipes and more.

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